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Exclamation End Game Condition

Seems the game has hit another bug.

The end-game condition that should have triggered when the DAW alliance captured 800 cities has not triggered. A bug report has been generated.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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you still the man JRR
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Subject: Congratulations on World Won!
Received: 7 hr 6 min ago
From: DarkAgeWars Team
Message: Fellow players of DAW,

This game World has officially been won! Congratulations to alliance DAW Hooligans for winning the round by collectively being the first alliance to ownership of 800 cities. We will be handing out Gold to the players of the alliance as a reward for winning the round.

We are working on preparing the next round of DAW. Before we start the new round we will also be implementing some fixes and features. During this time we will keep this world open.

We hope to announce the details and start date for the next world one day this week.

Congratulations again to the winners!

- DAW Team
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lol so it finally happened didn't it??? so sad....well no more game change no more "bugs" though i have never seen one ...
hey look party!!!!!!

the amazing used too be banned Kaiser Randall

i think it is but tomorrow may rain so i will go
yes this Kaiser was banned
all because
"I'm a writer, not a fighter" (hehe a song )

i know i know i just want that feel good feeling
is there a doctor in the house??? wait no doctor !!! well looks like nothing is going to get better for me.
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"one day this week" --- didn't know weeks have 10 days now
At the end of the day, we're just a bunch of animals fighting for survival
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think they using the medevial calender
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bug, endgame

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