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Default idea to get outta limbo

so i've just started the new b2 and well off the hop i figured id accomplish the 3 farm objective so i did and accomplished it and after destroying 2 graneries desided to make a barrack then a woodmill but a problem accuured because i decided to build the barracks first i now find that im in limbo not able to build or send troops out to collect or anything i have to wait 5 days till some one can even attack me and then even then i have to wait for someone to attack me with a royal hier so im now sitting here for the first 2 weeks of this game doing absolutely nothing except hoping someone kills me lol sad i know right? well here is my idea!!!!
during the five day protection period i think the cities should be produceing at least 1-5 pieces of each resource an hour just to make sure you can even make it past the five days or even start us off with a small army say 2 troops so they can try gathering, something anything really to guarentee you can make it past the 5 days i had ruined my game in the first half hour of playing now unless someone kills me im stuck with this town doing nothing all i need is 1 piece of lowsy wood to build a sawmill and in my whole city i cant seem to find one id be happy with one pieace an hour or even 5 hours atleast i know ill be able to do smthn in a day or so just a suggestion
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