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in case u cant read im fighting the rebels in server to no problem with a smaler army than the rebels i rutenely send out armys out that are out numbered greatly i usly only send 100 rc out with my heirs but now since they thankfully lowerd there attack i have to send out a bit more so i dont know wat game ur playingits easy enough to play the bigger players always uslay leaves the smaller ones and noobs alone unless they attack themso its easy enuogh to get started as long as u remain active more than 1once or twice aweek
got a msg just go here

un verdadeiro rei da morte T duine nach bhfuil cram aimsir s ag mar n maraodh поклоняется ни Бога, ни дьявола toda obouje tudi ivljenje in smrt 地球と自然との友人である og veit hva a satt tilgang lfinu er hvis u kanne oversette wat dette er og enig i det og legge det i signaturen din
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