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you havent changed in a year,, you still need to finish school and learn how to write,, and second it isnt about easier or harder, it would be easy enough to have a selection of game worlds of varing dificulty to suit those of differing experience,, what im saying is the combat systems rules make no sense, why does my most experienced unit run out and get himself killed first ?? why do archers seem to have no cover from the multitude of pikemen I make, and why do the pikemen suffer from no cover from archers, why do my cavelry seem to run straight into the rebel pikemen who seem to do a way better job than mine do,, why does a beginning player have to build a super army to knock over a few rebels??? they might as well get rid of half the units cause they are a total waste of time, if it was balanced a bigger army of lesser units would have the same chance of winning as a smaller army of top units,, but it doesent,, the army seems to fight with no leader at all in what ever random order the game choses,,

What you fail to understand kingof frogs, is that a game is supposed to be entertainment, and if done correctly a player will want to spend their time and money to play it,, the most fun I had on DAW was in the first public beta, with a few changes that was a game I would have played over and over,,,
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