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tippicle we have another case of i wante the game to be easy thoe im going to say i want it to be harder but when they maker it harder im goping to complain oh and by the way the calvery still has all the power im attacking a reble city in wich im out numbered and im wiing using only calveryi started with 5 units of rc and a royal heir ill mostlike finsh with 6 units of rc and 2 units of havy clavery having been it it not all those units are still here but i iam winning the battle
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un verdadeiro rei da morte T duine nach bhfuil cram aimsir s ag mar n maraodh поклоняется ни Бога, ни дьявола toda obouje tudi ivljenje in smrt 地球と自然との友人である og veit hva a satt tilgang lfinu er hvis u kanne oversette wat dette er og enig i det og legge det i signaturen din
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