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OMG !!!

the combat system sucks,,, it is extreemly difficult of a new player to even knock over some scabby rebels, who obviously have underground training facilities that are unable to be detected cause they seem to be able to defeat even the toughest troops I can muster with my limited resources, like what good is 750 men all quality units against 250 poorly tained rebels living in a mud hut???? where did they manage to train foot soilders, and how does it work that their foot soilder unit can kill over 200 of my troops, dodge arrows, kill my archers sidestep the cavalry and not get a single casuality,, ???????? what is the point of training anything other than only the premium quality men and tons of them only to lose most of them trying to get a silly royal heir some experience so he can take over one of the nearby empty villages,, surly it shouldnt take 4 days to build enough reasources to get the exp to start one village,,,, ????

I player the first public beta of DAW, with a few additions and changes there was a winner,,, this isnt flying ,, no wonder there are so many abandond towns,,

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