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well letts test this the best way posible i got 12 elitpikemen 12 templers 12 longbowmen and 12 royal calvery ready to go against any one who wants to match me in my on city that is reay to be upgraded to a castle but i wont to eliminate the morel if u want to match my force msg me in the game or reply on this thread first to match assemble the same solders will get to fight them
got a msg just go here

un verdadeiro rei da morte T duine nach bhfuil cram aimsir s ag mar n maraodh поклоняется ни Бога, ни дьявола toda obouje tudi ivljenje in smrt 地球と自然との友人である og veit hva a satt tilgang lfinu er hvis u kanne oversette wat dette er og enig i det og legge det i signaturen din
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