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hi all,
I agree with SF that these changes go in the right direction of more interesting strategic planning.
I did try some attacks and.... it seems to me that while attacking rebels is now harder (i.e. I definetely need to diversify an army in order to be sure to take rebels, while before only 160-200 rcavs would suffice to sleep on it), using pikemen to attack a town with ONLY royal cavs doesn't make much difference: pikemen are killed without doing much damage to the cavalry...
so it seems that playing with only royal cavs is still the best option.... i think there is still some work to do to equilibrate the strength of the units (templars and especially archers definetely need to get better stats).

An improvements on the stats will cause a richer strategy because will avoid to make all stable or cathedrals and make sure that all the buildings & units are useful for the game.

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