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Default Unit Attack Power Update

Hello Everyone,

We have just changed some of the values for HP and Attack Damage for the top unit in each of the four unit classes: spearmen, archers, foot soldier and cavalry. This will help with game balance and create more strategy.

Every unit belongs to a certain category. Each unit category counters another
* unit category. This is handled through unit attack priorities.
* Spearmen counter Cavalry (1 counters 4)
* Swordsmen counter Spearmen (2 counters 1)
* Archers counter Swordsmen (3 counters 2)
* Cavalry counter Archers (4 counters 3)

An example scenario: Player A has 20 Royal Cavalry units stationed at his territory. Player B can then send 20 Elite Pikmen to counter the Royal Cavalry.

Please feel free to leave feedback on how this change affected game play for better or worse.

More updates to come!
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