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I think the food cap needs to be upped to about 12-15k ATLEAST... In b1 i couldnt even defend my citys ... i had 182 citys an from usin so much food for heirs an what not i think at the end i Might have had 25k troops.. an not even good ones.. you should be able to have decent size armys to protect your citys.. like maybe once you reach a certain amount of citys your cap gets bumped up a bit .. or somethin like that.. but i kno one thing 7k is NO WHERE NEAR enough.. maybe for someone with 20 citys but any more then that is horrible cause you cant defend them very good... i think you should be rewarded with being able to have a lot bigger army if you have a ton of citys.. you shouldnt be punished an only have 25k troops when you have 150+ citys an a person with 20 citys has a bigger army then you.. doesnt make sense to me...
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