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Default Response to Spies and Monks

1. Where would these units be recruited from? Spies: large city (rampant crime provides experience) or small village (hunting skills); Monks: I see Monks from small towns or villages, e.g. monks are pastoral in nature, something lost in the big city.
2. What would their powers or abilities be? Spies: discover resources, defense, and assassination; Monks: in town healing bonus and minor addition to loyalty; loyalty bonus when accompanying a war party and first aid (instead of a unit dying, it goes to 1).
3. What would be the resource requirement? Spies: Infantry+Light Cavalry; Monks: Militia
4. Any other requirement/prerequisite? Spies: Limit = 1 + 1 for each 3 cities; Monks: 1 per city
5. How are they killed? Spies: hit points as Light Cavalry, weak against ground troops; Monks: 75% resistance to ground and mounted troops, weak against siege equipment.
6. How are they handled in battle, if they end up in battle? Spies can hide form battle; Monks are protected by the church, weak to siege equipment, resistant to ground and mounted troops.
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