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JRRayder 08-11-2011 02:03 AM

Important Announcement
Hi Everyone,

I am JR and I will be the new mod for Dark Age Wars (DAW). I live in Pennsylvania and am an area marketing representative for a multi-national company.

Many of you know me as JRRayder in-game. I have played DAW for over three years and have the highest ranking on the overall leaderboard for the game. My role as a player-mod means that I will understand where you are coming from and what problems you are facing. I have always freely shared game hints and information with others in game and now I get to do it on a more formal basis as a game mod.

My hobbies include playing guitar and singing I often do private performances of 60s and 70s songs for mini-fundraisers. Beyond DAW I also am a fleet admiral over on another Final Motive game Pirate Quest. In addition to computer games I love strategy board games. And I even play Settlers of Catan with my family ;-)

My goal is that you would love, appreciate and play DAW with the same passion I do. As near as I know I am not going to be compensated in any way for being a game mod. So my focus is on helping take issues and concerns you identify in the game and bringing them to the attention of the proper resource people on the game development side. Also, I will endeavor to make communication a two-way street so that you are aware of any news that would impact DAW-land.

You can catch me in the chat or send me a personal message @[JRRayder] in-game.

Regards, JR

seanrb1 08-18-2011 06:22 PM

Hi JR,

I have a new screen and I don't think it shows everyone who is on world chat. Also, I wasn't sure if you received my messages.


JRRayder 08-20-2011 04:11 PM

Hey Sean,

I have gotton at least one message from you and responded - also, there was a glitch with the chat for a period of time that prevented all players from showing. It should be fixed now.

Regards, JR

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