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barbosaadmin 06-18-2013 11:59 PM

Spies and Monks
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Greetings DAWLanders,

We are getting ready to introduce 2 new units into the game. But before we do we would like to take some time to work with the community on what role these units will actually have in the game. We are looking for YOUR thoughts!

Before we begin, we have attached the artwork for the two new units.

So we would love to hear everyone's ideas. To get this rolling here are some things to think about:

1. Where would these units be recruited from?
2. What would their powers or abilities be?
3. What would be the resource requirement?
4. Any other requirement/prerequisite?
5. How are they killed?
6. How are they handled in battle, if they end up in battle?


DAW Team

Sphinx862 06-19-2013 12:19 AM

In order to bring balance to some of the units and people inside the game here are my opinions for the 2 new units.
Spy Cleric/Mage
1. Royal Estate 1. Church
2. Ability to spy on and kill incoming spies 2. Ability is to help the loyalty of the cities
if not as many incoming no max return to 100% faster and if cleric/mage is
with troops can help lower loyalty faster in
the town ppl are attacking
3. 10 food, 3500 iron,stone, and wood 3. 5 food, 1500 iron, stone, wood
4.requires just a royal estate 4. Cathedral lvl 3
5. killed by other spies in the city 1v1 5. can die in battle by troops ( infantry,
attacking spy dies 1v2 defending spy dies heavy infantry, foot knight and templar
knight) and by the heir, or once city falls to
the person attacking the city
6.Spys can add a 5-15% attacking bonus 6. cleric in defending city can add a
(on random) defending bonus to the city and when
attacking they can help kill militia/elite
militia in defending cities

LordGarkon 06-19-2013 12:41 AM

kinda like the idea

Kalypso 06-19-2013 03:45 AM

May I also recommend upping the food cap to 8-10k to compensate for the new units? :cool:

firestar25 06-19-2013 08:47 PM

i like it! its a really good idea;)

Helmsman 06-21-2013 08:26 AM

Spys could be a useful addition to the game but the Monk I see no use for a loyalty moral booster. As far as boosting Loyalty, the Bishop is supposed to do that and fails. As does multi Cathedrals. I don't see how the addition of a Loyalty boosting unit will help without some major recoding which will more than likely only cause even more problems. The Monk could be a Defense or Offense booster. Adding, say, 10% to an armies capability. Again, there are tools to do this and do not seem to work. If the unit can actually work as to be able to see the difference, then it would be a worthwhile addition.
More useful for the Monk would be the antithesis of the Spy. When a Spy is sent against a city, the Monks job is to counter him. The more times either unit is successful, the more xp it earns and enhances that units chances for a successful mission next time. Not sure how to implement the success rate of either unit, perhaps a double dice roll..
Spys could gain abilities as their xp grows. For instance, basic spys can scout out troop numbers and types like the Battering Ram can do now. When they get a second Stripe or level, the citys treasury can be seen. Third stripe or level can show how many buildings like Barracks/+ and Stables the target has. The Monks will gain the ability to counter or even kill the spy. Lvl 2 Monk has a much greater chance of defeating or even killing a lvl 1 spy.. Lvl 2 Spy has much greater odds of evading or killing a lvl 1 monk and so on.
Spys would be recruited out of the Garrison and above. The Monk from the Church and above. Cost would be 500 of each. Either unit would be useless in battle and not take part in any fighting. They would only be lost in battle with the loss of the city.
Spy reports would be separate from Battle Reports

darren96 06-22-2013 12:11 AM

1. i think they should be recruited from the large keep or large acadamy and take about 3 hours
2. well the spies would be able to be sent to a different persons capitol or city and spy on them for 3-5 days then they die they would tell you what troops they have and how many of each resource they have
3. i likes sphinx862 cost idea of 10 food and 3500 of iron stone and wood
4. there should be a limit on how many can be trained and sent out total not per city possibly 10-20
5. they die 3-5 days after they arrive in some ones city
6. do not go into battle at all

1. the church
2. they would cause troops to die a lot slower another words give them more life
3. not many will like this even i don't but i say just 5-10 gold but can only have 1per city and take 1 hour to train
4. they also will regenerate 1 troop per hour to each unit that is not at full health for no cost at all except if they need a food requirement and give a bonus of 100 bp per attack they go on or bonus xp but 1 free should come when you first start a beta maybe with the troops you get from completing the tutorial
5. they will die after 10-15 days or like the heir is last to die unless with heir then 2nd to last
6. they are only able to be killed by highest units like heirs and alot of royal calvery but can not be sent alone

joker22 06-25-2013 06:06 AM

;) i like that idea .
:cool:but i wish it starts to next beta .
:confused:when next one starts .

darren96 07-10-2013 11:24 PM

so when do they come out barbosadmin

firefly447 07-12-2013 08:09 PM

why are we even talking about new units? when theres so many bugs in the game that need fixed first

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